LinkedIn has become an essential tool in the working environment to expand your professional network and create business opportunities for you or your company.

Being registered is not enough to expand your network, you must be active. Below, a few tips to help you make it grow.

1. Set up your account to be visible

Once your profile is updated and duly filled, make sure that your set ups are ok and that your profile is public. Before changing any information, check that you do not want to inform your network of any of your profile changes, to be able to test it.

Update your profile at a time!

Prepare any relevant information by processing your text apart, then simply copy/paste the data.

2. Make sure your profile is complete

Your LinkedIn profile is a showcase. It will be visited by possible partners, clients or future employees. Your profile must be attractive, and therefore full. For you to be visible, the algorithms must be able to find the correct information at the proper place.

The title line under your name is not your actual job, as this information is filled further down. Simply indicate the key words corresponding to your profile or your job search.

The section “resume” is the first part that people read. Use it to present yourself in a few lines, explaining your actual responsibilities and what you are looking for. Pay an attention here to the key words that you will use, as computers will seek this data to make it match with the needs of recruiters for example.

If you are seeking for a job, mention it in a positive way. Would you like to work abroad, fill in your profile in another language using the dedicated function.

In the contact part, fill as much information as you can, as people may want to reach you by other means than LinkedIn.

3. Detail of your professional experience and skills

Make sure you have updated your experience and your trainings. Your resume must be updated and your picture professional. Enquire in advance how to fill the various lines. Detail your skills, making sure it’s not redundant. Dare including a link showing your achievements (written, video). People must be able to get an idea of what you’ve done during your different missions.

To complete your profile, you may also ask recommendations to your former employer, to be written in an attractive way.

4. Send invitations

When you meet a new person during a professional event, send him/her directly an invitation. It’s a powerful way to expand your network.

Sending an invitation is not only a matter of pressing the “connecting” button. For an invitation to be interesting, you may use the following 4P rules:

  • Polite
  • Pertinent
  • Personalized
  • Professional

When you click on the “invite” button, click “add a note” and personalize your invitation. Sending a targeted invitation will rise your chances of your profile to be seen by employees or clients who have the same area of interests.

Would you like to connect with someone you don’t know, precise why you want to be able to join their network.

5. Create or join groups of people sharing the same aims and interests

 Posting, commenting and answering in group discussions on topics that interest you will enable you to make contacts. Joining a group with people sharing the same interests may lead you to other profiles that you will be able to link with your own professional development.

6. Use the anniversary dates offered by LinkedIn to reconnect

LinkedIn offers you daily information about anniversary dates. It’s the ideal moment to reconnect with some people, with a personalized note, maybe sharing memories of past events. 

7. Create your company page

As much as your profile, your company page is a showcase. To expand your network, create your company page, and share it. It’s important to publish regularly to generate trafic and animate your network.

To expand your LinkedIn network as much as possible, make sure your profile is complete, public, and maintain active relationships.