Restarto Sunset

Free Company, indeed, but what else? First food for thought on the concept of freedom and attractivity, shared by Sophie Audubert-Todorovic.

The Law of the apple

We can sometimes go back to scientist basis to decode the world which surrounds us… You may remember Newton’s law of universal gravitation, which defines the latter as “a gravitational interaction between two objects which have a mass and which depends on their distance” and which specifies that “the importance of this capacity of attraction is called intensity of gravity g, which depends on the mass of planet and the distance which separates the object from the planet [1]”. Aware of my limited scientific knowledge, I will not go on developing these concepts, but stick to its essence.

Let it go, let it go…

Here is a tune which hit the music charts for quite a while… is this transposable in terms of business? As a coach, I accompany today a corporate leader on a managerial transformation close in its approach to the « free companies » concept. Let us forget for a minute our spontaneous reactions on this topical issue and both the enthusiastic and virulent criticism it is submitted to, to focus on the very concept of “freedom”. I’ve noticed that management-wise, the term often refers to the one of its philosophical definitions: “to be free is characterized by the absence of constraint, and to be free, it is necessary to have of a minimum of latitude, capacity of choice”.

I have frequently been asked the question of the challenges regarding “the absence of constraint”, which oblige the business organization to work on the concepts of trust, autonomy, and risk liability, to name but a few. Today, to make “the world turn”, many companies create or still maintain structures, controls, processes, as of gigantic strings which would indicate the direction and the number of revolutions of their satellite-collaborators. This rotation is rather fast indeed, and the employees better have to keep up the pace. Scarce are thus the leaders who completely redesign their model to invent the future of management

For a «Solar» responsibility

What if the free company was after all a reflection on a change of posture of its leaders? What if they were regarded as a sun around which should revolve various independent actors? Let us hence return to our friend Newton: the smaller the distance is, the more important the gravitational force is, and it is the case for the mass. Wouldn’t a released company’s aim be to share a “solar responsibility”? By working on the concept of proximity on a daily basis at all company levels without constraints, distance will be reduced and will create a mutual attraction; by giving weight to the opinions of all the collaborators, taking their talents and their contribution into account, on a daily basis and with simplicity; we will be able once again to create sufficient attraction to evolve and build together. Is it too complicated a project to achieve? Is it too slow? The complex and deregulated world in which we move and work calls us for evolution and even a slow one.

Do you feel like taking up the challenge? To remember the names of 8 planets of your future solar system in management, go back to basics: “Men Very Easily Make a Jug Serve Useful Needs [2].”

[1] Definition from Larousse’s encyclopaedia here
[2] Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune