Restarto social media

Since we are now in 2019, you know that you must be present on professional social networks. Your profile is read as an on-line résumé and it is a good possibility to develop your business or your visibility, thanks to the image and the messages conveyed.

As having a profile on-line is not enough, how could you optimize it to generate conversion without wasting time? Here are three essential quick tips:

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Upon reflexion looking down to look up and look forward

We are just a few weeks away from New Year’s Eve and are often eager to take a step back to start thinking about our good resolutions for the year to come.

Have you already noticed that our good resolutions are often built in opposition to a personal assessment made of what went wrong, failed or was not good enough this past year? We are embedded in a critical culture and opt very quickly for looking at “what is not working” rather than our resources and our successes. Hoping for a « better » which often remains to be defined, we are easily aware of our “axis of improvement”.

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“You should really upload (X), it really changed my life!”

Maybe you’ve already heard this type of sentence many times, since the moment developers have invented apps to assist us in our daily work management.

Todoist, Google Tasks, Evernote, Asana, Wunderlist, Trello: these apps seem to be tens of thousands, are meant to simplify our daily workflow, and offer us to be more efficient. Do we really need to upload one, and are they that useful?

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reflecting who you are to build a better resume

During the past few weeks, I heard similar questions from my clients who are in a career transition: I wonder what I should put forward in my resume.

Should I withdraw this? Underline that? What will recruiters think when reading that… These are legitimate questions, and they may hide others questions such as questions on one’s legitimacy, on undigested career events, expressing the fear not to be able to find another job, or discovering the hard law of the job market… topics that would be positive to address.

How could you build a resume bringing you self-confidence?
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We all plug our phone or computers as soon as the charging status of the battery is low, and we stop at the gas station when the fuel gauge indicates that our tank is nearly empty. These are obvious actions of day-to-day life, that we have learned to take into account thanks to clear warnings, and that we even do automatically. But for one of our most precious asset, our body, we often forget to do the same. Recharging our batteries is however an essential process to maintain a proper level of productivity and creativity all along the year.

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Restarto Blog 2018

The weather is hot and fine…you still do not feel the hot sand between your toes, but soon! Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard the same injunction during coaching sessions: “I’m about to go on holiday, however I do wonder how I’ll be able to make it, since: a) I haven’t completed my work yet; b) my mind cannot rest knowing that…; c) I do not know how it will be possible for me to disconnect considering all that is left to do…

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Saying goodbye

These past weeks, I was struck by the repetition of a sentence, which spontaneously appeared during different coaching sessions, with clients of various profiles. They had a common point, though: being confronted with the complexity of change of different scales, trying to understand why they felt shaken up, slowed down, or lost. And they finally confined in: “I know that I must mourn the past”: grieving a time gone by, acknowledging an non-modifiable data of their environment, accepting a colleague or a manager’s departure, or life changes, provoked or undergone.

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