We’ve be confined for already two long weeks and coaching sessions were held at 100% with remote connection. A recurrent topic came out, how to maintain human relation at distance, with one’s team, manager or colleague. How could the coaching concept of the « Survival Kit » could help in this situation? 

1. What’s it all about?

This notion refers to everything lived, for the coach and the client, within the relation. It’s a fundamental concept, in the heart of the coaching practice, and without which we could not work. We refer to it constantly and repeatedly, as the coach has two main responsibilities: establishing the relation and keeping it.

To preserve this survival kit, there are three pre-requirements:

  • Respecting the client in his own way of being, his/her limits and freedom
  • As a coach, being conscious of the same perspectives for oneself
  • Being very attentive to the relational process

2. How could we transpose it to remote work?

Remote work is contradictory: it can deprive you from a certain number of parameters enabling you to “feel” what is going on for your interlocutor, during your conversation. It may also give you the opportunity to be more attentive to certain signs, or to sharpen your listening skills. In a simpler way, transposing the above requirements when it comes to teleworking could be three type of questions that you may ask yourself:

  • What is the space that I allow to my interlocutor, in his/her own rhythm: times of silence, punctuation, hesitations, expression of his/her key points?
  • In which state am I today before starting our conversation? What is important for me, what am I conscious of?
  • What kind of animation techniques should I be attentive to be able to observe what is going on during our exchange?

3. In practical terms, are there best practice to follow?

There are many good advices on best practice, you will have already access to hundreds of solutions on-line. There are most of the time focus on how to maintain remote relation, from animating a Skype interview, a meeting on Teams, or the principles of good remote management. And so on. This is indeed a way to fabricate the “Survival Kit ». 

Today more than ever, there is a space to preserve, the time for not being in relation, enjoying relational break, silences, and digital disconnection. To preserve another space, relating to inner connection, to be more pertinent in relation to others. So, try to avoid a screen overdose and stare out regularly your window, the city skies are clear again!

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