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Supervision group sessions

new program 2020-2021


Complexity. You are facing situations involving a high degree of complexity, or major simultaneous issues. You feel that you need to solve problems at a different level than those you usually address.

Need to step back. With your nose to the ground, and a very tight schedule, you often say to yourself that you would like to have some time to think, to discuss with other professionals, to be inspired by other’s experiences, and above all, to stop and think.

Coaching supervision. You would like to join a supervision group to work on your coaching techniques, step back on client’s cases, or precise your coaching identity.


  • Managers
  • Heads of department or business units
  • HR
  • Executives
  • … with a first significant working experience
  • Certified coaches, including beginners.


Supervision group. We offer you to join a group of managerial practice supervision or coach supervision, in half-days, every 6 weeks.

Privacy. Thanks to an authentic and confidential setting, you will be able to share situations worrying you, to step back, raise your awareness, create conditions for an active strategic thinking, in a relational secured space welcoming hesitations, questions or doubts.


Awareness. Aware of your relational modes and your practice to address challenges or overcome resistance, you regain a positive energy, trusting yourself more.

Connections. You benefit from learning opportunities and grow a community, to network around shared practice. You innovate and continue to strengthen your personal leadership.


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