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We help you revealing your leadership


Going forward. Your career path is on its way, you are growing and face new responsibilities, you have to manage new or bigger projects, your team or your working environment is under a major change.

Career breaks. You are presently in-between jobs or missions, your need are to regain self-confidence and to project yourself in a brighter future. You wonder whether your career is on the right path, you find very few satisfactions in your present situation.


  • Managers, Executives, with a first significant working experience


Leadership. This individual coaching program will enable you to reinforce your leadership, to tune your management style, or to take into account a new paradigm.

Strategic thinking. When in-between jobs, you will be offered the possibility for a personal strategic thinking to analyze your situation.

Resources. You will reconnect with your own possibilities to overcome obstacles and succeed again, moreover when you already benefit from other types of accompaniment (Ex : outplacement).


Reaching your goals. Working on your own objectives and relying on your resources has helped you reach your target, taking into account your assets.

Edging your way. You are satisfied and you have found your autonomy to pursue your way with a better life quality.