team leader, tem spirit


To coach you with your team


Lack of team spirit. Your team is a group of individuals who are not collectively contributing to reach your targets. You lack team spirit, cohesion, your working relations are complex and you encounter negative conflict situations, with impact on your collective performance.

Obstacles. You have to decline projects or conduct the changes driven by your organization, and you are looking for an efficient collective way to achieve it. You would like to overcome some difficulties in working together, to share the same objective with the support of a shared vision.


  • In-Company Group business coaching (Maximum 10 pax per session) : management or executive committee, project teams


Understanding. We will first take some moments to get to know your working environment, your company culture and your organization.

Supervision. After sharing this analysis with your group, we will supervise your regular working sessions, to observe and point out your collective behaviors and help you finding, with proper questioning and team analysis, your own way out.

Autonomy.As coachs, we are not consultants and we will not produce any business solution nor will we intervene in your business. We will work towards improving your collective performance, putting our professional experience at your service.


Collective work. Your team has overcome its obstacles and you work together thanks to shared objectives that you have elaborated together

Efficiency. Your working sessions are efficient, decisions are taken, and each member of your team feels at the right place.

Performance. Your company appreciates your performance and your way of declining its strategy.