Aiming at global wellness


Balance. You have the conviction that you are running every day to meet your objectives and deal with the time pressure. Despite your efforts or different attempts you have made to manage your time, you are always in a rush and fail to preserve your work-life balance.

 Quality. You experience the negative consequences of stress on your health and global well-being. You would really like to find a way to match your work ambition with your personal projects, to aim at wellness and global life quality.


  • Individual business coaching
  • In-company group business coaching (Maximum 10 pers per session)


Analysing. We will start by analyzing your working environments and your deadlines, the tools & methods you use to manage your time.

Drivers. We will help you define what is important for your work-life balance, to name your priorities, your drivers and your professional goals.

Balance. You will then be able to work out your Personal Balance Plan.


 Serenity and motivation are back.

Your way. You have found your way to integrate the reality of your working environment in a global life project, and you enjoy being able to meet your deadlines and to achieve your projects.

Happiness. Your beloved ones are happy to profit from you again, and you manage to have profitable breaks.