what for?

Knowing where we all stand. Your professional environment and skills are unique, so are your company, its culture and strategy, as well as your objectives and your responsibilities.

Finding your path. Coaching enables you to find our own specific solutions to your personal challenges or difficulties (such as stress management, time management, or team leadership), and to take the time to think of your personal development.

Securing a way. Certified business coach offer secure and professional ways to reach your targets.

A certified business coach, what for?

Aiming at change. You are going to work on your own objectives taking into account your personality and your character; coaching is a lot more than listening or sharing professional experience.

Ethics. We work with empathy, smile and show a profound respect to people and their differences. We coach our clients considering their whole system. We are regularly supervised and we put our professional experience and human skills at our client’s disposal.

Which type of coaching?

Going forward. Your career path is on its way, you are growing and face new responsibilities, you have to manage new or bigger projects, your team or your working environment recently changed. You would like to be coached to reinforce your leadership, to tune your management style, to take into account a new paradigm, or to manage your stress.

Career breaks. You are presently in-between jobs or missions, your needs are to regain self-confidence and to project yourself into a brighter future. You wonder whether your career is on the right path, you find very few satisfactions in your present situation. You would like to be coached to take a precious time to analyze the situation, reconnect with your energy and self-esteem which will help you succeeding again.

Sophie Audubert-Todorovic, founder & COE of Restarto, is a member of the International Coaching Federation