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The tale of the Hare and the Tortoise? Discovering Slow Management

The year 2019 was once again insightful and involving a great deal of discussions about well-being, the search for meaning, the link between human and economic performance, how to reconcile productivity and humanity…etc. These debates form part of the temporality of business today: going faster and faster, leading “flash interviews”, or effective “standing briefings”, or […]


Do we really have to put an end to meetings?

Duration too long, participants too numerous or inadequately chosen, a sleepy ambiance: we sometimes have the feeling, throughout the years, that meetings have become the evil of this century. Some people even recommend to permanently remove them. Nobody wants to (re)live a three hours afternoon meeting, leading to nothing but a solid decision…that the decision […]

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Restartips N°2 for Manager-coach: Homeostasis and Resistance

If you are facing multiple changes of organization, strategies or tools, maybe you have a recurrent management issue: how could you deal with the people of your team who are “resisting”? The forms of resistance expression are multiple and varied, and management techniques to address this topic are highly documented. What if being solution-oriented was […]