Restarto social media

Since we are now in 2019, you know that you must be present on professional social networks. Your profile is read as an on-line résumé and it is a good possibility to develop your business or your visibility, thanks to the image and the messages conveyed.

As having a profile on-line is not enough, how could you optimize it to generate conversion without wasting time? Here are three essential quick tips:

1. Do not register for all social networks

On common mistake is to start by registering for all well-known social networks. It’s not relevant! Take the time to identify your target, and then monitor their traffic to select the social network they use to express themselves.

If you wish to aim at a professional target between 35-40 years old, your strategy should focus on LinkedIn, or even Twitter, depending on your line of business. It’s best not to be too scattered on many social networks: you will waste your time and you will not find your public. It’s much better to be good and efficient on one social network than average on three.

Make sure you adapt your message to the social network. LinkedIn is meant to be formal, positive and relational. Twitter is more based on conversation, opinion or sectoral intelligence. Facebook is efficient for local and proximity network. Instagram is useful if the product you wish to sell has an attractive image

2. Establish an editorial line

To be relevant, you must create a good image and a community, therefore you need to write an editorial line and choose a frequency of publication.

In a professional environment, do not hesitate to share daily moments, for example pictures of professional events such as afterworks, or behind-the-scene moments, or the last training you just took, without saying too much.

You may also express various steps of your personal development, or the small as well as big professional successes.

Do not be self-centered! You may also put forward the work of your friends or relations, by congratulating them or sharing their own publications.

One question could be helpful to pick up the right publication: “Would this content interest me in my news feed?”

3. Provide appropriate advice that resemble you.

If you wish to use social networks for business purposes, you surely have an experience to share in your area of expertise. Do not fear sharing it! The power of your social account will come from your capacity to deliver to your followers an original content, which will make the difference with other accounts.

Without selling your services for free, giving little advice will encourage subscribing to your feed, and loyalty to your account.

You are a specialist of public speaking? Deliver to your community mini tips to manage stress when speaking in front of an audience.

You think that you only have commonplace ideas not relevant for public sharing? Do not forget that you will for sure help someone to learn about something.