Considering the necessary creativity and adaptative culture of companies as a key factor of growth, how could organizations create the conditions of collective intelligence? What about the plasticity of the organizations? An article co-written by Sophie Audubert-Todorovic and François Kaisin.

When Morena Coaching International lectured in Miami, FL on September 11th, 2013 for six European commerce Chambers, the integration of the changes within the companies of tomorrow had underlined the “necessary creativity and adaptive culture of the companies as a key factor of growth”, evoking the “plasticity of an organization coherent with its medium”. It then seemed to us interesting to think thoroughly of this concept of plasticity. What could support it? How to allow the company the necessary conditions of the creativity and of the collective intelligence? The concept of homeostasis, used in biology as well as coaching, seemed to us an interesting path to follow.

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