We all plug our phone or computers as soon as the charging status of the battery is low, and we stop at the gas station when the fuel gauge indicates that our tank is nearly empty. These are obvious actions of day-to-day life, that we have learned to take into account thanks to clear warnings, and that we even do automatically. But for one of our most precious asset, our body, we often forget to do the same. Recharging our batteries is however an essential process to maintain a proper level of productivity and creativity all along the year.

Very often, when we come back for holidays, particularly in back-to-school season, we are more conscious of the necessity of this regenerating process. Confronted to hectic days, holidays seem very far away. Our first instinct leads us to answer to the stimulation of returning to work with greater energy, making every effort to boost our results. It’s indeed a laudable and legitimate intention, however killing the benefits of our holidays in the early days of our first week back, which makes us declare in a sigh: “my holidays are long forgotten…”. The good news is: we can make back-to-school as stress-free as possible!

Build on the benefits of your holidays

Whether you’ve spent your holidays at the other end of the world, sunbathing on the beach, hiking on steep slopes, or gardening, you probably experienced this easing of tension and higher perceptiveness. It was such a natural sensation that you wonder where it has gone as soon as you’ve stepped into your office: is it that hard to maintain this state of plenitude? Because you feel it’s vanishing, despite your good resolutions…

The key may lie in your capacity to preserve short moments of relaxation during which things seem simpler, clearer, with a possibility to imagine different steps to reach your targets; in a way to resist to stressful situations and keep a cool head to recreate the conditions of mental serenity. Therefore we must find possibilities to disconnect from day-to-day stress whenever we feel we need it.

Learning how to preserve disconnected moments

Recent studies have proved that longer working hours do not contribute to our performance, and even undermine our productivity. Therefore it’s important to learn how to disconnect, and to admit, without feeling guilty, that it’s urgent to wait and put aside some files, thus avoiding unnecessary obstacles.

You may dare working less to work better. Doing so will allow you to create healthier spaces of disconnection, and to measure their effectiveness in comparison to relentless working hours. After all, it’s only a timing issue.

We are unequal when it comes to deal with stress or overwork. General solutions do not exist. But we have to learn how to regain control of our own rhythm, listening more attentively to our body signs, and to take into account our personal battery indicators as clearly as those of our electronic device.