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Your organization insists on management principles such as “engagement”, “synergy”, “collective intelligence” or “agility”, and your HR policies and tools are on the way or already implemented to create an “employee experience”. And yet, my experience as a business coach enables me to outline today’s frequent shortage of recognition within companies: the capacity to recognize sincerely, with humanity and simplicity the quality of the work done, in all its dimensions. Sometimes, companies invest in “manager coach” training programs, to contribute to a “change in attitude”. It’s true, it may help…

Because we often lack being thanked, let’s take our inspiration from the classical pillars of sustainability, to create engagement with simple and daily actions, and therefore magnify the power of recognition.

1. Ensure Social Thanks

Being polite is not old-fashioned… Thanking someone who calls you back shortly after your message, who holds the door for you when exiting, who asks how your meeting went, who brings your morning coffee, or the salesgirl sorry for giving you change in pennies… observe how it may generate some sparks in the other’s attitude, who will appreciate this social minima, and who knows? You may even enjoy a little smile in return.

2. Distribute Economical Thanks

It’s not only about financial performance rewards, even though monetary recognition of individual and collective performance remains a valuable HR tool: who among you did not say recently “considering everything I’ve given, they could at least have shared/given…” The debate remains open when it comes to discuss about the way to share benefits. Economical thanks also refer to “Thank you for your tangible achievements, for the economic product of your work”: a project well led, measurable results beyond targets, a significant initiative, extra free hours to win a deal… Offer a moment of measurable recognition, and enjoy the pleasure of celebrating.

3. Offer Sustainable thanks

Let’s move to the dimension of emotional experience, humanity, to the link between human beings and the creation of sustainable and engaging moments. Experiment deep and true thanks, free, looking straight in the eye, in moment of sincere gratitude and honest relation, far from cold emails, however well written. Recognize the particularity of the other one, her/his difference, what was impressive while working at your side, what makes her/him a precious and original person, however imperfect he/she may be. Let you be moved, and experiment its lasting and motivating impacts.

Does it appear like too much care? Maybe… And what about considering care as the seeds of cooperation fields?