Clearing the path for one's way of keeping track of our good resolutions for 2018

You’ve sent all your best wishes, and have decided, at last, to change “something” this year, and to take some good resolutions! Your decision is made, you will implement a few things that will contribute to make this new year different, motivating, healthy, with different human relations, or a capacity to step back… As people say, good resolutions are like eels, the devil lies in holding them tight!

1. How much is there of myself in this idea?

Good resolutions are often whispered to us by more or less loving or well-intentioned persons, on the tone of “you should probably” or “maybe you could”, with an underlying blame game, provoking this tiny guilt feeling when you grab a second piece of cake in the middle of your detox week… Some of them might be right, the others wrong, but that’s not the point. What would happen if you were doing nothing? At which point this good resolution might hide another one, which you could choose indeed, but which would require more self-questioning, courage, energy ? (The resolution we postpone to the next year, usually…)

2. What’s my ambition?

We would very much like, sometimes, in a magical way, to move from “0” to “100” in two seconds, driving a second-hand city car…Believing that believing is enough for it to work, and trust our ambition to move mountains. Take a few seconds: are you sure that “jogging EVERY Sunday” is realistic, since you managed playing sports 3 Sundays in 2017 (for some good reasons, of course, there are many times where you had planned to go, but…). To enhance your motivation, combining ambition and realistic objectives is necessary: it will prevent becoming discouraged, or fabricating negative thoughts with the feeling of failure or unfinished business.  Do not hesitate to start with a blank page, rather than picking up last year’s unexpected turns, arguing that pair years are luckier…

3. How will you measure our achievements, and when?

At which date will you see that your good resolutions have become true? Let us remind that a date is a combination of a day, a month and a year, and not a vague intention (for example, when spring comes). What are the steps which will enable you to reach your target in a growing and inspiring way? What reward will you grant yourself? How do you plan to face true difficult days and tolerate them, before getting back on track?

Answering those three questions might be of some help to match the criteria of a resolution in the dictionary: the act of resolving or determining upon an action, and the mental state of being resolved, with a firmness of purpose. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve chosen one good resolution for 2018: to enjoy as much dark chocolate each month as in 2017!