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Is storytelling a sign of leadership?

“The great storytellers have an unfair competitive advantage,”1» said Bill Gurley, partner at Benchmark, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm which led investments in Snapchat, Uber, Instagram or Dropbox. This strong affirmation underlines the fact that those who master the art of federating around stories benefit from a considerable advantage. Would this be a sign […]


4 principles to learn how to manage creative people

Many companies are longing for THE best idea to develop their business or create new opportunities, and they logically rely on creative process, such as design thinking for example. However, apart from business departments “used to creativity”, it’s quite useful to learn how to manage creative profiles. Some people will tell you this is not […]


What drives for employee commitment for a sustainable management? The power of the three thanks level

Your organization insists on management principles such as “engagement”, “synergy”, “collective intelligence” or “agility”, and your HR policies and tools are on the way or already implemented to create an “employee experience”. And yet, my experience as a business coach enables me to outline today’s frequent shortage of recognition within companies: the capacity to recognize […]


Moving from C.H.O. to H.E.M.?

“Life is about making choices, and choosing means eliminating”1aiming at work-life balance, by Sophie Audubert-Todorovic. Let’s assume that you’ve already read many management and leading change theories: change curve is a classic concept, you’ve identified the reasons for resistance and access to autonomy, you’ve spent some time surfing the internet about emotional intelligence, various communication […]


Who are the Mannequins of the Challenge?

The “Mannequin Challenge” viewed by a business coach? By Sophie Audubert-Todorovic As probably many of you did, I received regular messages on business social networks proudly announcing: “Have a look at our own mannequin challenge!” A click later, I had the surprise to discover… students, workers, managers, standing still in a professional attitude meant to […]


Six of one and half dozen of the other?

Looking after yourself or egocentrism? by Sophie Audubert-Todorovic Today, at the different levels of an organization, in global business environment, the values of cooperation, collaboration, sharing, listening and empathy are spread, as if it was essential to put forward the right way “to care about others”, particularly in a management position. To create a quality […]

Succeeding in career transition & time issues

Succeeding in career transition & time issues1 – Moving from “looking for an opportunity” to employment? The different time zones of professional transition, by Sophie Audubert-Todorovic. At last! Time for pleasure The first spontaneous reaction in the first joyful weeks after leaving a job for a better one to be found is relief. You are […]